Our Values

Maison's Commitments

As a small organization, independent and niche player, Maison differentiates itself by providing a superior investment banking service to clients with regular contact with the principals of the firm. Execution is therefore important. Talented professionals are key.


We continue to believe that many clients still want and need the services of an investment dealer as an agent rather than as a market maker, trading for its account. The industry has changed - Dealers now act for themselves and we will not trade against our clients. Our clients come first.


Our philosophy is definitely not to be the biggest, because we think many of our competitors lost their way during the 90s, when large bank-owned firms assembled many disparate firms under one roof. Our business is service-based. The value to clients is not in the size of commission, the number of employees nor the status of the senior people. Rather, we believe that an investment boutique has to put forward experienced people with demonstrated records of accomplishment. We value our independence. We also value talent, commitment and seek to surround ourselves with the best.


 Our Corporate Mission: To be one of Canada’s leading investment boutiques.

 Our Product and Services:  We will offer quality investment products, service and independent advice.

 Our Clients: Institutions only-we cannot be all things to all people.

 Our Unique Strength: We are a niche player, we must stay small.

 Our Corporate Culture: We must be successful, hard working and conservative with our resources.

 Our Shareholders: We are independent and owner operated. We will continue to provide an environment that rewards those who work.

 Our Contribution: Most importantly, ethics. Our reputation is our biggest asset which we must earn and keep at all costs.